Acknowledgement and Release

“The Business Advisory Group” (“The Group”) is incorporated as a not for profit organization to provide
general business advice to interested parties for a nominal fee. The Group could not perform its
mandate without formal protection from potential liabilities which might arise in connection with its
activities. Hence, the need for this RELEASE, to be acknowledged by the client(s) named in this
application. In consideration, therefore, of their mutual covenants and agreements herein and other
valuable consideration, the client(s) agree to pay “The Group” a meeting fee in an amount mutually
agreed to, and “The Group” agrees to discuss the client(s) business and any and all subjects relating
thereto, provided always that the client(s) undertake and acknowledge that the client(s):

i) releases and agrees to hold harmless, The Group, it’s Directors, Officers, employees or any other
member of “The Group”, from any and all liability, claims, and demands and actions whatsoever,
specifically including those related to any advice given, recommendations made, or programs suggested,
including, without limitation, related to any activities or actions undertaken arising from the
undersigned working with the Advisory Council of the group;

ii) has sole responsibility for the implementation of any advice given, recommendations made or
programs suggested by “The Group”;

iii) agrees to absolve “The Group” of any liability or responsibility whatsoever where a Director, officer,
employee or any other member of The Group enters into a direct personal contract with the
undersigned or any of his or her business partners, associates or employees, for his professional
services, with or without remuneration, on the basis that such direct contract is not provided by “The

iv) acknowledges receipt of The Group’s Privacy Policy Statement and agrees to the disclosure, release
and retention of all or any personal information to The Group and its members which may be necessary
and relevant to the meeting;

v) acknowledges that the terms of Release noted herewith apply to any and all future meetings;

vi) acknowledges and agrees that all reports and Group communications will be conveyed electronically.