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Financing & Budgeting

Finance is a critical area for any business and it can be daunting for some small businesses. Understanding how to use finance to your best advantage and how to identify indications of trouble can help you avoid difficulties.

How we can help your business:

Acquiring a New Business

Acquiring a new business can be a pivotal point in your company’s future. It can open up opportunities for new customers and products and it can strengthen the staffing and finances of your company. It can also be pitfall if it is not the proper time or opportunity for your company. We can help you assess whether you are ready for an acquisition and what type and size or company you should look to acquire or we can help assess specific opportunities that have been presented to you.

Optimizing the Sale of Business

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your business is key to understanding the it’s true value in the event of a sale. We can help with an analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Our advisors can also help you understand whether a sale is the best course of action for your business.

Financial Reporting

Understanding and monitoring the proper financial indicators can be critical to the success of your business. Our advisors can help you identify the critical indicators and help with proper monitoring. We can also help with business planning and financial targets. If you are not receiving the proper financial reports, we can help you request them from your accountant / bookkeeper.

Debt Management

The proper use of debt can be a valuable tool in building your business. Excessive or poorly managed debt, however, can be one of the chief reasons to cause small businesses to fail. We have helped small businesses to manage their debt through consolidation, reduction and other management strategies.

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