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A great and innovative idea, product or service is only as good as how well your company understands and focuses on your customers & prospects. Measuring and managing customers and prospects is the key, before you spend time and money on marketing tactics.

How we can help your business:

Growing the customer base

You are concerned that your business has leveled-off. You have tried several different tactics without success. You need to focus on some key questions that you may need some assistance to help answer:

Customers: How did they find you (source)? Why did they buy from you? What product/service did they buy? When did they buy (tine of year)? Is it buying pattern seasonal? Did you have a promotion that generated the sale?

Prospects: Do you keep a list of prospective customers? Do you have answers to the questions that are like the customer questions but relate to your prospects? How/when do follow-up with prospects?

Measuring and managing both customers and prospects is the key element to master before you spend time and money on marketing tactics. Without these activities, you will be able to have the best possible outcome for growing your business.

Clarifying product/service offering

Your product/service is not clearly defined. In most cases, you have no Unique Selling Proposition (USP). You need to focus on some key questions that you may need some assistance to help answer. 

Does your USP have a specific and clear benefit? Does that benefit make your product/service stand out when compared to other offers to your target customers?

What is unique about it? Is it a benefit to customers or just something you feel is a benefit? Is your product/service offer aimed at specific target customers?

Clearly defining your USP is essential. Perhaps there is not a USP. There are only 3 areas that you can claim to be unique. Without a clear understanding of your USP and if there is one at all, is critical to prevent you wasting resources and efforts in mis-directed marketing tactics.

Developing successful social media campaigns

If you spend a lot of time on your social media platforms, how do you know you’re getting value? What type of measurement do you have in place to track the results? Does data tell you whether your customers/prospect data actually buy based on your social media efforts? How much do you spend on AdWords? How much do you spend on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? How do measure whether the money spent on Google AdWords or SEO has value to your business?

You may need some assistance to help answers. Otherwise, you are likely spending time and resources on social media that does not have any value for your business.

Pricing & margins

You are not sure that your pricing is correct. You are sure that each of your product/service lines are even profitable. You need to focus on some key questions that you may need some assistance to help answer 

Do you have the financial data for each of your product/service lines? Have you allocated your expenses by product line or is it just a equal allocation of costs? Have you allocated the right costs? Can you show what lines are profitable and which are not? How do you know whether to increase your price or drop the product/service?

We often suggest the use of a template to assist clients to clearly understand the answers to the critical questions. Is your price too high or too low? Or more importantly, does your product/service offer value to customers.

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