Small Business Advisory | Volunteer with us
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Volunteer with us

We are a volunteer organization of business advisors primarily consisting of retired executives, professionals and business owners. Our members have diverse backgrounds and we try to achieve a balanced team of advisors, to offer our clients a broad and experienced skill sets.

Potential volunteers should consider the following:

  • The individual should have a solid and successful track record in the world of business.
  • Our clients are typically small to medium sized business owners and startups who are seeking guidance in a constructive and supportive environment. Some previous experience working with small/medium size businesses is preferred.
  • The individual is required to regularly participate in client consultations (typically 3 hours in length, with a team of three advisors), providing clients with actionable recommendations for business improvement.  Direction to clients is provided in the meetings and in a follow-up written report, therefore strong communication skills are needed.
  • We operate throughout the year and primarily in the Toronto West through Hamilton corridor. Advisors need to provide their own transportation to attend meetings.
  • We have quarterly members’ meetings (generally in the Oakville area) and a small board of directors (elected from our members) governs our activities. Other operating committees are formed as needed (i.e. marketing and new members).
  • There is no remuneration, this is a voluntary position.

If you are or know of someone who may be interested in joining our team, please submit a CV for consideration.