Small Business Advisory | Our Services
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Our Services

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, explore opportunities, and achieve business goals. Our team of business experts volunteer their time to provide solid advice tailored to each client.


Listen to what some of our clients have said about our services in the following video.

Business Advisory Group: Helping Small Businesses Since 1984

How We Help


For years we have provided advisory services to help businesses succeed. We are experts at analyzing businesses – entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. We discover areas for improvement and help establish ways to address the discussed problems. We serve business owners and management teams through an active dialogue and written report focused on the opportunities, challenges and issues facing your business, and listing alternative suggestions as possible solutions going forward.


Some of the areas in which we have helped our clients include: Business Planning, Management, Operations, Staffing, Financing, Expansion, New Ventures, Marketing, Product(s) and Services.

Our consultations are normally 3 hours with a team of advisors, all for the price of $150

The Business Advisory Group helps small and medium sized businesses devise solutions to alleviate their “pain points” – those situations and issues which impede the business from moving forward and/or require undue time and attention that could be more productively spent.


Are you struggling with a business situation requiring some expert advice in the area of general management, banking, finance, human resources, administration, sales, marketing, IT and web-based solutions, conflict resolution, or the manufacturing sector? Our team of Business Advisors has a wealth of acquired knowledge and expertise in all of these fields and many more.


Talk to a Coordinator today so that both you and the Business Advisory Group will get a feeling for your most pressing problems. We urge you to list the issues you are facing on your consultation form to keep the discussion focused. Based on your needs and interests, the Coordinator will arrange for a private consultation with a select team of experienced business consultants best suited to assist with your unique situation.


Your Business Advisory Group team (usually three or four business consultants) will meet with you for an initial consultation. At the meeting, your Business Advisor team will listen and ask questions to clarify the issues and discuss with you a range of possible actions and initial recommendations. Clients usually go away from a three hour meeting feeling relief from knowing they now have a better understanding of their business problems and a positive plan for action.


The Business Advisory Group team member who led your meeting will produce a written summary of the recommendations and ideas, which is shared with the rest of the team, edited and then sent to you for your future reference.


Most initial consultation discussions also merit one or two follow-up phone calls from your Business Advisors to see if you have any implementation questions, check on your progress, provide encouragement and subsequent business advice.


Many clients find repeat consultations valuable, with some holding regular meetings 3-4 times per year, building productive relationships with their business advisory team members. BAG can usually arrange most of the same advisory team members, or you may decide to go with a different group. It’s your choice!


Call our Coordinator, send us an email or apply online to book your consultation. We can meet with you at any one of our locations you choose in Oakville, Burlington or Hamilton. If it is convenient, we have met clients at their premises.